The Blue Heron 5-22

The Blue Heron

The results for our Stableford Tournament.

1Martin Perry36$46.00
T2Steve Laue31$26.83
T2Arnold Torres31$26.83
T2David Smith31$26.83
5Andrew Schafer30$14.95
6Brian Ehle28$13.80
T7Ty Brender26$12.08
T7Ken Batali26$12.08
9Cheryl Horvath24$10.35
10Odie Lotuaco23$9.20
T11Kevin Hallstrom22$7.48
T11Joe Ehle22$7.48
13John Presnal19$5.75
14Phillip Horvath16$4.60
15Steve Larsen15$3.45
16Gary WongX$2.30
Low Putts
Martin Perry29$10.00
Net Skins
Steve Laue2$11.43Birdie on 3, Eagle on 17
Brian Ehle2$11.43Birdie on 8, Eagle on 15
Gary Wong1$5.71Birdie on 16
Ty Brender1$5.71Birdie on 11
Odie Lotuaco1$5.71Birdie on 14
Gross Skins
Steve Laue2$13.33Par on 3, Birdie on 17
Arnold Torres1$6.67Par on 7
Gary Wong1$6.67Par on 16
Odie Lotuaco1$6.67Birdie on 5
Brian Ehle1$6.67Birdie on 15
Martin Perry29
Odie Lotuaco31
Steve Laue32
David Smith32
Ken Batali32
Arnold Torres33
Andrew Schafer33
Phillip Horvath34
Brian Ehle35
Ty Brender36
Steve Larsen36
Cheryl Horvath37
Joe Ehle38
John Presnal38
Kevin Hallstrom40
Gary Wongx